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Scientific Editor/Writer: Rukki Mirotznik, PhD

With my research and publishing experience in the sciences, I revise scientific writing so the research is clear and easy to understand and its significance is evident, a critical requirement for getting grants funded and journal papers published.

Comprehensive Editing Service: I edit grant proposals, journal publications, conference abstracts, Master's/PhD theses, and technical books in the biology, engineering and medical fields. Along with revising grammar and spelling, I alter word choices to lend clarity, I rewrite and restructure sentences to shift emphasis, and I rearrange paragraphs to improve the logical development of ideas. I also edit figure legends so they are accurate, brief and consistent with the figures. I aim to provide you with writing that is straightforward and easy to follow so your research can be accurately presented and its broad impact is apparent.

Grant Writing Service: For grant proposals, along with providing comprehensive editing, I rewrite and integrate the various pieces to form a cohesive proposal. I work with authors to ensure all necessary content is included and the significance of the research is evident. If needed, I can help ensure that the proposal meets funding agency requirements and addresses any criticisms raised in previous submissions. I can also create graphics - I am experienced in Adobe Creative Suite and the MS Office creative applications. Additionally, for multi-disciplinary grants, I can write the non-technical portions.

Journal Paper Writing Service: For journal paper submissions, I can help formulate and write the content. This includes meeting with the authors to outline the scientific content and organization of the paper, researching background material on the topic, helping write sections based on the data, and editing the final piece to ensure it is clear, concise and cohesive.

Process: Submit your document by email to [email protected] and I will send an estimate of the price and time frame. For first-time clients, I can edit a short segment so you can see if you like the revisions before I begin. I usually edit in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes option so you can see my changes before you accept them. I also edit in LaTeX. If you prefer a different method, let me know.

Time Frame and Cost: I can comprehensively edit projects under 5,000 words within 1-2 business days, depending on my availability and the extent of revisions needed. Grant writing and journal paper writing services add to this time. Turn around is fastest if I know when you will be sending work and can block out time for the project. I charge an hourly rate and can give you an estimate of the cost once I see your work. For payment information, see Contact Us.

Follow-Up Questions: Feel free to email/call me (see Contact Us) and I will be happy to help.

Confidentiality: All submitted documents are kept in strict confidence at all times. They are not seen by nor discussed with anyone else.

Client Feedback:

This is my first awarded NSF proposal and I am very happy about it. Several reviewers rate this proposal as "High quality proposal in nearly all respects". Your contribution to the proposal is magnificent. You made the proposal easier to read. You also brought me good luck! Thank you so much!

     – Chengmo Yang, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Delaware

Rukki worked on several winning proposals for Electrical & Computer Engineering, including NSF Career Awards and multidisciplinary grants – her writing, editing and organizational help was critical to the success of each of these efforts.

     – Ken Barner, Professor and Chair, Univ. of Delaware

Thank you very much for the excellent work and quick turnaround!

     – Wei Wei, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Chicago

Your comments were terrific! Nice edits! Really liked them.

     – Yale Cohen, Associate Professor, Univ. of Pennsylvania

As always, I am glad I waited for your edits, I especially liked your suggestion about the figure.

     – Noga Vardi, Research Professor, Univ. of Pennsylvania

It [the editing] is fantastic! You are really good at this.

     – Marla Feller, Professor, Univ. of California at Berkeley

I am reading the paper now, you really did a wonderful job, super detailed!

      – Jessica Ramella-Roman, Assistant Professor, Catholic University

I incorporated virtually all of your comments. You have added value and clarity.

      – Allen Barnett, Professor, Univ. of New South Wales, Australia